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The Muppets

Moviescramble gets all excited about the return of The Muppets.

I’ve been a fan of the Muppets since their TV show aired on UK television in the late 1970′s. It shows my age obviously. Having lost interest as I grew up the Muppets were left behind only to be re-introduced to them again through my kids. I got to see the movies which are of varying quality and fun. The best of which, in my opinion, was Muppets from Space. So when the news came out that the Muppets were coming back and seeing all of the fantastic spoof trailers the expectations were high.

The film follows a familiar, some might say recycled, story. The Muppet theatre is under threat. The gang have all gone their separate ways and an evil oil Barron, Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) is purchasing the theatre to exploit the oil that is underneath it. Brothers Walter, a Muppet, Gary (Jason Segal) and his fiancée Mary (Amy Adams) find out about the evil plan while on a visit to Los Angeles to see the Theatre. It is up to them to seek out Kermit, Fozzie Bear and the rest of the gang in an effort to raise $10 million to save the theatre. Cue song and dance numbers, jokes and adventures as the film skips along. Continue reading “The Muppets” »