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“…keep the festival going and surviving” An interview with Andrew Doig

Moviescramble had a chance to catch up with Andrew Doig, one of the founders and organisers of the Loch Ness Film Festival. What followed was an honest take on independent filmmaking in Scotland.
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Prometheus (2012)

Prometheus Poster1979′s Alien is a bona fide classic of science fiction cinema and has spawned umpteen sequels, video games, comic books and other media and has since merged into the Predator¬†universe with the advent of the AvP crossovers, so it’s no surprise that Ridley Scott felt there was more tales to tell in this mythology. Instead of continuing with the now well established variety of xenomorphs he looked back to the mysterious huge alien corpse seen in his original movie, normally referred to as the “space jockey”.

Prometheus takes place in 2089, 36 years before¬†Alien, and follows a team of explorers as they attempt to find out more about the origins of humanity as a species. Making a discovery that pre dates other similar ones from other cultures by a hefty margin, the team are sent in stasis across space to the one common theme in all the discoveries – a constellation. The team quickly discover remnants of the aliens, now referred to as “the Engineers” (thankfully – as it gets confusing talking to people about it). The Engineers it would seem are as human as Earth’s humans, and so the questions about the origins of the species begin. Continue reading “Prometheus (2012)” »