Jenny Olsen to feature in Man of Steel as new villain is unveiled

jenny-olsenUpcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel has had no shortage of rumours surrounding it, not least the speculation that it may feature a cameo from a certain caped crusader. What has been recently confirmed however is that the character of Jimmy Olsen will not feature, at least not as we know him.  According to IMDB, Rebecca Buller will be playing the part of Jenny Olsen. This doesn’t mean the movie database is correct however the trailer does show Perry White (Laurence Fishburne) fleeing chaos with Buller in tow (pictured).

Like with any change a movie makes from it source material, it’s met with the utmost scrutiny and no doubt Zack Snyder’s casting decisions will be no different. Let’s just hope rumours that Clark Kent will be without his trademark instant disguise remain just that.

Additionally, a new villain was introduced in Lego form at the London Toy Fair. Tor-An is a Kryptonian brought to Earth by General Zod as a sleeper agent. Although no one has been cast, it’s worth noting that the character has already featured in the comics. His full bio with potential spoilers can be found here.

Man of Steel is set to fly into cinemas on June 14th .

Source: Worst Previews

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4 thoughts on “Jenny Olsen to feature in Man of Steel as new villain is unveiled

  1. As I have learned to do with comic books, I will wait for judgement until after I have seen the film. I understand why people scrutinize, but I don’t understand why movies come under more scrutiny than comic books, themselves. The comic books change everything all the time, and while people often have a lot to say about it when they do, it seems that people are much less forgiving when it comes to the movies. Is it because we have a natural disdain for Hollywood? Or maybe because the movies are the closest thing we have to our heros becoming real life… either way, we tend to attack before having all the facts and maybe we should just go in with an open mind. That way, when we have something to say, it will be a well informed opinion instead of premature judgement. Just a thought… Oh, and Hollywood, don’t screw it up! 🙂

    • Yep… It constantly irritates me when people lambast a perfectly excellent film because it makes changes from the source material. They should be thankful that someone cared enough to bring something they love to a wider audience.

      • Agreed. The new thing that’s been pissing me off with comic adaptations is audiences wishes that it’ll be “darker”. The Dark Knight shouldn’t be the benchmark do all superhero films. Take the Avengers for example, brilliant but tackled from a completely different angle.

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