Zombie Asockalypse

zombie asockalypse 1The perennial question for film makers is how to make their latest offering unique. In an overly crowded market place they need a hook to hang their product on. Something that will entice people to watch and enjoy their film. Over the years the most innovative thinking has been done by horror film makers. With small budgets restricting the process the film makers have had to think radically in order to produce an interesting product. Within the horror genre the most overused character type (after the vampire) is the Zombie. So how best to revitalise the genre? In the case of Zombie Asockalypse the answer is to have all the characters played by sock puppets.

We find our band of heroes trapped inside a house while the Zombie hordes approach. Unsure what to do and beginning to panic they are reassured by a TV broadcast helpfully telling them to kill the hordes by destroying the brain. They decided to retrieve a car outside and try to make their escape. It doesn’t go to plan. The driver is attacked and the house comes under threat from the zombies via the windows, the doors and the upstairs landing. Can they kill the brains? Will they survive?

zombie asockalypse 2Using a term like micro budget seems inadequate in describing just how little must have been spent on this five minute film. That is not a criticism of the end product. It is full of ideas all executed very well. Each character has its own distinctive voice and personality. The sets are prepared with care and attention to detail. I really liked the mounted deer head made from a sock of course. Full use is made of the effects available. The scene where the zombie falls down the stairs is a particular highlight.

For a film with a running time of only five minutes it packs a lot of action in. We get a romance, a car chase, a shoot out, a musical number and tribute to Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. The whole film is laced with humour and more importantly hangs together really well as a story.

The efforts of the film makers have to be applauded. To produce something as entertaining and original as this is a work of skill, determination and hard work. Recommended.

The short film can be viewed here

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