The Grandmaster

grandmaster 1Never the most prolific of directors, Wong Kar Wai has been absent from the film scene since his 2007 English language debut My Blueberry Nights. July sees the US release of The Grandmaster. The film is the (sort of) real life biography of the Ip Man, who was credited with training Bruce Lee.

Any film project from Kar Wong Wai is going to be interesting. In his filmography there a couple of absolute gems. The film In the Mood for Love is one of the most beautiful pieces of cinema you are ever likely to see. The follow up, 2046, isn’t too shabby either.

The Grandmaster follows this visually spectacular theme.  The moody black and white trailer shows off some pretty impressive martial arts moves in a rain soaked arena. Tony Leung, one of the directors regular actors, stars as The Ip man, the master in the white hat.

The Grandmaster is in cinemas on 23rd August

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