Cheap Thrills

Ever wondered what lengths you would go to in order to earn some much needed cash? This is the question posed in the new film Cheap Thrills by first time feature director E.L. Katz.

Craig is a guy with a major problem. Just fired from his job and facing the prospect of being evicted in three days he must come up with some way to get some money to support his wife and child. Along with a friend he bumps into a rich couple who are out looking for a night of fun. The couple offer up $250,000 to the guys if they take part in a series of challenges. Simple at first, the tasks for money become more twisted and bizarre as the evening goes on. It probably will not end pleasantly.

The newly released trailer gives a flavour of what we can expect from the full feature. It kooks pretty interesting and quite a lot of fun in a sick and twisted way. There is a nice use of Dirge by Death in Vegas that underpins the impressive visuals.

Cheap Thrills is currently on the festival circuit and hopefully will come to a screen near you very soon.

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