Thor: The Dark World trailer

It appears that the domination of cinema by Marvel studios is set to continue for some time. Some reports have suggested that there is a  schedule with Marvel superhero movies penciled in until at least 2021. This week sees the release of the second trailer for the forthcoming Thor sequel, The Dark World.

The trailer expands on the initial teaser by giving us a little more plot and action. It appears that before  known time there was the darkness. It did not disappear and now it is returning to destroy Asgard and all of the mortal universe. Thor is forced to turn to the one person who has knowledge of this foe, his brother Loki.

Featuring all of the cast from the first film including moviescramble favourite Idris Elba the initial indications are that the film will be bigger and bolder than the first but, and this is essential, it has an interesting storyline. The Marvel universe shows no signs of fading away any time soon.

Thor: The Dark World is released this November.

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