The Book Thief trailer

The first trailer for the forthcoming adaptation of The Book Thief was just been released on to the Internet. The best selling 2007 novel by Marcus Zusak is narrated by Death who tells the tale of Liesel a nine year old who is living with her foster family under the yoke of the Third Reich. She begins to steal books as a way of dealing with her increasingly difficult situation. A complex and compelling novel that looks like it will translate well to the big screen.

The film features Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson star as the foster parents with relative newcomer Sophie Nelisse cast as Liesel. The trailer features just enough to get you interested in the main characters and gives a good flavour of the story line without giving too much away. The studio are aiming for the same audience that made The Life of Pi such a successful adaptation and the aforementioned film gets a mention at the start of the trailer. A shrewd move and hopefully one that will pay off.

The Book Thief is released on 15th November in the US and the 30th of January 2014 in the UK.

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