The Station

Just presented at the Toronto International film festival is an interesting take on the horror genre.  Scientists in a remote weather station in the German Alps have made a disturbing discovery. As the glacial ice melts long dormant organisms are waking up and affecting the local wildlife. The animals DNA is being changed in new, horrific and deadly ways. 

Although it seems to follow a tried and tested formula the trailer offers enough to warrant seeking this film out. It is a standard horror set up with the protagonists finding themselves in a situation where they have to see off a malevolent being while effectively being cut off from the outside world. One point of interest is the lack of young attractive leads to sell the film to a teenage male audience.

Initial reports from the Toronto International Film Festival give the film a good deal of praise and you cannot fault a movie that uses the tag line ‘On the mountain no one can hear you scream’.

The Station will be released in 2014.


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