Kurt Russell joins Fast 7

Vin Diesel has confirmed that Kurt Russell has been added to the ever-growing cast of the next Fast and Furious movie. Rumours over the last couple of weeks linking Russell to the franchise were reported online but it was only confirmed yesterday after Diesel posted an on set photo of himself with Russell and Paul Walker.

Kurt Russell has had a varied and entertaining career having given audiences some memorable performances in Escape from New York, The Thing, Death Proof, Tombstone and Tango & Cash. 

Principal photography is well under way for the seventh film in the series. Alongside the returning cast is Jason Statham as the main villan after his cameo role in Fast 6. The film series is going from strength to strength after Fast 6 took over $750 million at the box office. The seventh film was announce prior to the premiere of Fast 6 and is scheduled to hit the UK and the US cinemas on 11th of July 2014.


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