Revenge Of The Jedi vintage trailer

The Star Wars youtube channel has been doing a bit of work over the last couple of weeks that has generated a great deal of speculation within various on line communities. The channel have been issuing the trailers for the various films starting from Episode 1 onwards on a weekly basis. This has led to people guessing, without any official notification from the site, that there will be a trailer released for the forthcoming un-named Episode 7 in the very near future.

The most interesting of the trailers is the relatively rare trailer for the third film of the original series. The film was originally destined to be titled Returnof¬†the Jedi but had its title changed to Revenge during the pre-production. After the trailer was released and thousands of promotional posters were produced the title was reverted to George Lucas’s original idea. In my opinion Return is the better title as Revenge is something that a Jedi knight would be expected to be above. As you can see this is an original trailer that has not stood the test of time with regard to the quality of the presentation

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