Fox want a follow up to The Wolverine

KN NICKELODEON 2 KRT The box office success of  The Wolverine has set off little dollar signs in the eyes of the people at Twentieth Century Fox. The studio is currently in negotiations with director James Mangold and, Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman to return for a sequel to the X-Men spinoff. Not surprisingly there are no plot details to report on however it is understood Mangold will pen a treatment with someone else taking over script writing duties at a later date.

The Wolverine featured an after the credits stinger of Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellen) therefore it’s likely the as yet untitled sequel will lead on from next year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Does the world need another Wolverine film or does the character work best as part of an ensemble? Or maybe another character is deserving of a spin-off?

Source: Deadline

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One thought on “Fox want a follow up to The Wolverine

  1. No is the simple answer.

    Part of Wolverine’s “charm” has always been his lone wolf attitude, his reluctance to be part of a team. This is never clearer than in Xmen2 (which is still IMO the best film he as a character has been involved in) and one of the key points is, to be an unwilling hero/team member, you need a team dynamic for it to work best.

    While both solo films had their moments, they really were nothing more than an excuse to get his claws out, offering very little in terms of what we didn’t already know.

    He’s for all intents and purposes immortal. He doesn’t like it. We get it.

    As seen with Iron Man, it’s possible for a character who is B status at best to gain a whole other life in the medium of film, and elevate said status. This is partly due to some characters being more suited to different mediums, but it’s also to do with each character starting afresh in terms of the audience. This is why it’s in Marvel’s best interests to look at the XMen stable and try and few different things out.

    Gambit was always one that would have worked- maybe not after Origins- as would DeadPool, who whilst not strictly an XMen character, you get the point.

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