Fast and Furious 7 production halted

In what seems like the most sensible move it has been announced by Universal Studios that the production of the new Fast and Furious film has been halted “for a period of time”. Initial reports after the tragic death of Paul Walker indicated that the studio and director James Wan were looking to move on with the production as scheduled this week. They have now had a change of mind citing the shutdown as the responsible thing to do for the franchise in the wake of the tragedy at the weekend. 

It became obvious to the film makers that the production was so far advanced that there would be no easy way to write the character of Brian O’Connor out of the film and any hasty changes would be to the detriment of the film and the future of the franchise.  The seventh instalment was already on a fast track production schedule with a release date of 11th July 2014 set even before the sixth film had finished its run at the cinema. We await more information from the studio but do not expect this to be the end of the hugely entertaining film series.

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    • There was some talk of killing him off or sending him into hiding due to the threat to him and his wife and child from the Stathe. All speculation of course.

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