Sleepless in Seattle back in cinemas

In a very shrewd move the celebrated romantic comedy returns to cinema screens for one day only on Valentines day. Twenty one years on from the initial release the film still stands up as a high water mark  of its genre. The film stars Tom Hanks as a widower who is persuaded to open up about himself live on national radio. He is deluged with offers of romantic trysts and intrigued by one offer which he decides to take up.

The film is directed by the late Nora Ephron who built an impressive body of work as a writer and director of some of the best-loved comedies of the nineties. The pairing of Hanks and Co-star Meg Ryan was an ideal screen match that  immediately engaged with audiences and helped the film to become a massive success. The pair teamed up with Ephron again five years  later for the movie You’ve Got Mail.

Sleepless in Seattle is being shown exclusively at Cineworld venues on the 14th of February.


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