RoboCop Featurette – Man And Machine

As part of the publicity leading up to the release of the remake of RoboCop the film studio released a number of short behind the scenes features. The Man and Machine two-part feature takes us behind the science of the main premise of the movie, how a man can interact and join with technology in order to become greater than the sum of the parts. With a series of soundbites from the cast and members of the scientific community we delve into the thin line between fact and fiction.

Surprisingly most of the tech needed to do this is already in place in one form or another. Developments in robotics have been providing viable results for people with impairments for a number of years now. Whether the results will be the same as portrayed in RoboCop remains to be seen but it adds an extra level of realistic detail to the film.

RoboCop was released to extremely mixed reviews on the 7th of February. You can find moviescramble’s opinion on the Sci-Fi remake here. Let us know what your opinion of the film was.

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