Will Sin City 2 be worth the wait? I think so

joseph-gordon-levitt-sin-city-2When a film is popular, the follow-up tends to be churned out within one to three years. Studios don’t want to rely on their audience’s patience however this can result in poor quality sequels. When you wait almost a decade for the next instalment, it better be worth it. Thankfully for Miramax, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For looks like it was worth the wait. Primarily based on the graphic novel of the same name, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For promises to be as stylish and stunning as the first one. Robert Rodriguez returns to directing duties with Sin City creator Frank Miller. The film serves as a prequel and sequel to the original, so don’t be confused if characters you believed dead pop up. As well as being an adaptation of its source material, Miller has written two original segments for the film. Will it be as successful as the first one or has too much time passed? Either way you can’t deny, it looks very, very cool.

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