Twin Peaks returns in 2016

twin-peaks-1Although it had been talked about in the past by David Lynch and several of the cast members, a return to Twin Peaks always seemed unlikely. So it came as a pleasant surprise when the David Lynch foundation released a short video announcing that the series will be back.Twin Peaks will be back in 2016 in a limited run of nine episodes which will air in the US on the Showtime channel. Creators David Lynch and Mark Frost will be fully involved in the production of the series with the scripts being worked on at present. David Lynch is planning to direct all nine episodes.

Twin Peaks became an instant cult classic when it first aired twenty-five years ago. Its unique vision was something that had not been seen on a major TV network at the time. It’s appeal has not diminished since and it’s influence can still be seen in the more offbeat crime and drama shows that followed it.

Damn fine!


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