Justin Lin Signs On For Star Trek 3

justin-linnIt was always going to be tough gig following in the footsteps of  JJ Abrams but it looks like Paramount have come up trumps with the news that Justin Lin will direct the third film in the Star Trek franchise.  The series has been in a bit of turmoil since Abrams quit to take on the directing duties on the new Star Wars movie.

The appointment makes a lot of sense. Lin is widely credited with the revival of the Fast & Furious franchise having taken over the series on the third film and propelled it to one of the most popular film series around today. What he did there and it is fully expected that he will do with Star Trek, is to take the strongest elements of the story and created superb action sequences around them. Sounds ideal for the Trek universe.

Star Trek 3 is scheduled for release in 2016.

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