Is Emily Blunt set to Escape from New York?

News of an all female Ghostbusters generated much debate and even more terrible jokes. All over social media, internet comedians were recasting films with reverse gender roles from Steel Magnolias to Magic Mike.

As life often imitates Twitter, the latest rumour regarding the reboot of Escape from New York reportedly has Emily Blunt in line to play Snake Plissken.

Like virtually all reboots, the mere idea of it will be ritually slaughtered online before it’s even greenlit, with Ghostbusters and Escape from New York being no exception to the fanboy pitchforks. I couldn’t care less if a film is all male, female, Dothraki or Cylon, there are more important factors that can make or break it and cast is one of them. Ghostbusters doesn’t fill me with hope (of course I’ll go watch it) but I’m intrigued by this news and, to be honest, a little excited.

In fact, the more I think about it the more this needs to happen. Kurt Russell was and is awesome, but Emily Blunt as Snake Plissken? Sign me up!

Source: moviepilot


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