Cinema City: GFF15

regal_openingOne of the major strands of this year’s Glasgow Film Festival is entitled Cinema City and focuses on Glasgow’s love affair with the movies. A four year project by Glasgow Film has come to fruition in a series of events across the festival and a major exhibition called Jeely Jars and Seeing Stars: Glasgow’s Love Affair with the Movies.

As part of the project, the public were invited to contribute their memories of going to movies at the many movie picture houses in the city. A short film from film maker Madeleine D. Schmoll was commissioned, Cinema City: A Glaswegian Symphony, which take you round the various locations where the once proud cinemas stood.  It is a fascinating look at how the city has changed and how the nature of film viewing has been transformed in Glasgow and beyond.

The film can be found at Check it out.

You can get more information on Cinema City here.

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