Fast And Furious: Los Bandorelos

los-bandolerosFor the fourth Fast and Furious film the action kicks in immediately with Dom (Vin Diesel), Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), Han (Sang Kung), Tego (Tego Calderon) and Santos (Dom Omar) pulling of the daring hijack of a petrol tanker convoy. But how did they get there?

Los Bandoleros is a short film that tells the back story of the characters in the lead up to the events at the start of Fast and Furious. The film is directed by Vin Diesel and features no car action whatsoever. It is instead a drama with extended scenes of the beautiful scenery from The Dominican Republic.

The film gives a good insight into the relationship between Dom and Letty and informs the major decisions that Dom makes during the feature film that follows.

The short is available on the DVD and Blu Ray release of fast and Furious but you can also catch it online.


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