Everyone’s Going To Die – Trailer

everybodys-going-to-die-1After successful and critically acclaimed screenings at film festivals worldwide, the British film Everyone’s Going To Die is getting a UK cinema release. The film stars German actor Nora Tschirner and British late ‘newcomer’ Rob Knighton (most recently seen in the action film Anti-Social). The film is marks the debut from director Jones who also wrote the story.

Melanie is a lost soul, drifting through life in a quiet seaside town. Into her life comes Ray who is back in his old hometown to carry out a bit of dodgy business. they form a connection that could inform their future if they can let go of the past.  Although it comes with the premise of a standard romantic drama there appears to be something a bit different going on.

Everyone’s Going to Die is released on the 26th of June.

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