The Night Crew

the-night-crew-1Luke Goss has come a long way from his early pop star days as the singer in the group Bros. He has established himself over the course of the last fifteen years as a reliable and solid actor having notably featuring in Blade II, Hellboy II and the Death Race movies. His latest is the action movie The Night Crew.

Wade (Luke Goss) is leading a team of bounty hunters who have crossed the border into Mexico to retrieve a Chinese girl, Mae (Chasty Ballesteros). She is in hiding from the Aguilar (Danny Trejo), the big boss of the Mexican cartels. After saving the girl from some local thugs, they must try to get her back to the US. A series of events lead to them having to stay the night in an abandoned desert hotel with the cartel’s hit squad bearing down on them.

This film has few pretensions. It is a relatively low budget action film which understands what audiences are looking for. There is a good mixture of action and drama with a tight script keeping things moving along. The main characters are all fairly familiar. The cartel chief is deep and mysterious. Danny Trejo could play this role in his sleep and is the obvious choice for the role. He always has great screen presence and doesn’t disappoint here.

The Night CrewLuke Goss holds the film together with his portrayal of Wade. He is the guy that the other members of his team react to. He is truly in charge but is a team player above anything else. His team obviously respects him and when tensions arise due to the main situation and the sub plots they are all resolved due to the mutual respect built by the bounty hunters over time.

Mae, the subject of all the action represents an interesting character. She is a little odd to say the least. At turns, she is vulnerable and a complete bad ass fighter. She is capable of more than holding her own against the bad guys with some lightning fast moves. Then, just as fast she is low and sick.

The action set pieces are all well constructed with an emphasis on technique and team work. There are no over the top sequences where someone goes against type and becomes some sort of super soldier. It is entertaining and fits in well with the dramatic sequences.

Overall, an enjoyable action movie which does exactly what it sets out to achieve. The Night Crew is available on all major VOD platforms on the 20th of July.

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  1. Can’t take anything he does seriously still see bros in my mind and did anyone really take them seriously apart from young lassies ?

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