How To Train Your Robot

how-to-train-your-robot-1Every so often you come across a rather splendid example of a short film. My latest find is the two-minute short How to train your robot. It is a simple tale based on a scene from the Hugh Jackman film Real Steel . Somewhere in Eastern Europe there is a robot that is being trained to box. It learns through mimicking real life boxers. It is a very short story but one that is full of fun.

The scene has a real lived in look with the boxing gym and the robot itself having seen better days. The robot has rusted joints and cabling hanging loose. It is very like an old fighter, past his prime and not knowing when to quit.  That is all you get. No back story. Why does the robot need to box? No idea.

The CGI is absolutely superb. The robot blends in seamlessly with the surroundings and there is a real physical sense of it being in the room with the trainer. It’s movements are fluid and very accurately mirror his human companion. The film makers produced a five-minute behind the scenes featurette to accompany the film. It can be found here.


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