Tangerine – Trailer

tangerine-1As is always the case in these times of multiple films getting released each week, it is easier to market a movie if it has some sort of a way to get people talking about it. For Tangerine, director Sean Baker made the decision to shoot the entire film using the iPhone 5 instead of more traditional camera technology. The reasons were mainly budgetary but the choice also provides that unique talking point that can only help a film’s chances.

Set in Tinseltown on Christmas Eve, the film is a revenge tale. Working girl Sin-Dee has just been released from a month long stay in jail. Upon her release she hears a rumour that her pimp boyfriend has not been totally faithful to her.  With her best friend in tow she travels across the city to uncover the truth. Not your usual Christmas tale.

The red band trailer gives a pretty good idea of just what to expect from the critically acclaimed film. Low budget is certainly is but it is full of invention and humour.

Tangerine is in UK cinemas on the 13th of November.

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