Radiohead SPECTRE Title Sequence

spectre-radioheadAs was heavily rumoured earlier in the year and the subject of a well covered news story when a punter dropped a bet of £15,ooo, Radiohead were approached to provide a song for consideration as the title song for SPECTRE. The gig eventually went to Sam Smith’s song Writing’s on the wall which although proved to be a number one hit in the UK was met than less than universal praise, mainly due to fact that it was shite.

As a special christmas treat the band released the song, free of charge, on soundcloud. Frontman Thom Yorke then went on to explain the release in a series of tweets on his twitter account. It wasn’t long before someone took the music and matched it against the existing title sequence for SPECTRE. The result is surprisingly cohesive with the images matching up well with the sounds.

So did the Bond producers get it wrong?

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