My Friend Dahmer: First Trailer

Jeffrey Dahmer is a name that still strikes fear in those who are aware of the man, the myth and the monster. Yet, like most serial killers, we often look to their formative years to find some sort of explanation as to why they committed such atrocities. Perhaps they were the type of child who used to pull the legs off spiders or someone who was horrendously bullied or abused.

My Friend Dahmer is based on Derf Backderf’s critically acclaimed graphic novel, which seeks to explore the high school experience of one of America’s most notorious murderers. There is a feeling of unease from the very offset, as the adolescent Dahmer stands in the school doorway, leering out at his peers.

From there, it continues to pile on the weird. Clearly a very troubled individual, this film seems to suggest that the warning signs were there from a young age. Ross Lynch stars as the eponymous killer, with How He Fell In Love director, Marc Meyers at the helm.

My Friend Dahmer plays at the London Film Festival on the 7th of October and gets a full cinema release shortly after.


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