Happy Death Day: First Trailer

It’s Groundhog Day for murder in this latest Blumhouse production. College student Tree (Jessica Rothe) relives the day of her murder until she discovers her killer’s identity. It’s literally 365 ways to die.

Director Christopher Landon has written most of the Paranormal Activity films and the 2007 Shia Le Beouf  film, Disturbia, but we won’t hold that against him. Happy Death Day actually looks quite interesting – and Blumhouse have been on fire recently with their repertoire of horror cinema hits.

Despite the inevitable repeats (waking up, walking to college etc) there does look at some solid attempts at humour, violence and thrills. Plus, that weird children’s mask that her killer is wearing will haunt my dreams.

It’s released just in time for Hallowe’en – 20 October here in the UK – so it’s sure to do well at the box office as cinema goers look for scares.

Mary Palmer

Mary Palmer

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