The Silence Of The Last Jedi

Of all the criticisms that have been directed towards The Last Jedi by fans who are unhappy, to say the least, with Rian Johnson’s take on the saga it seems that the most absurd is the news reports that many patrons are complaining about a technical problem with the film.

At about one hour fifty two minutes into the film there is a scene where there is a complete absence of sound for ten seconds. Several cinema goers (in the USA) have approached cinema staff to complain that there is a problem with the film. After cinemas chains received these complaints they have started to post notices that the absence of sound is in fact an artistic decision and not a fault with the film.

It is hard op understand just how people have first thought of this as a technical fault and then complained before even trying to find out if it was meant. A simple google search would have yielded the answer without the need for an explanatory notice.

My only explanation is that cinema goers have been conditioned so much that any break from the norm must be some sort of problem. Without going into too much detail the silence is important to the scene. it comes at a point where three storylines are coming to their dramatic high points and the use of silence is used to draw a line under the storylines, emphasise the main themes of the film and set up the third act of the film. The absence of any stirring, overbearing score has a massive effect on the scene. it forces the audience to make their own minds up about what they are seeing. There is no musical queue to stir the emotions, it all comes from the person watching the film.

it is a bold choice in a bold film and one that should be applauded for inventiveness rather than complained about.

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