Dumbo – First Trailer

Dumbo “Dumbo! The world’s greatest flying elephant!” is the latest Disney animated classic to be reimagined as a live action remake, courtesy of the imagination of everyone’s favourite quirky auteur, Tim Burton. Who better to take on something so truly fantastical and child-like as the sweet and magical story of a special circus act?

The trailer is begins with the young Dumbo – equipped with huge, emotive eyes – emerging from a pile of hay whilst Holt Farrier (Colin Farrell) and his children look on in wonder. The lullaby that the baby elephant’s mother sings to her child is given the Danny Elfman treatment, twinkling its way over the soundtrack in a typically ethereal, haunting way.

The visuals, so far, look like Moulin Rouge meets The Greatest Showman meets Water for Elephants, with Tim Burton’s usual array of striking colours and elaborate sets.

The original animation was a very dark film about loss, exploitation and abuse, which actually isn’t too far away from the shiny, suburban veneers that Burton so famously likes to pick apart in his work. It will also be incredibly interesting to see how he tackles Dumbo’s dream sequence , as only a small glimpse of a bubble elephant is given in the teaser.

The film also stars Michael Keaton, Danny De Vito, Eva Green and Alan Arkin and is tipped to be released in UK cinemas in Spring 2019.

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