Home Entertainment Releases – 14th January 2019

The home entertainment releases post  overs the video on demand titles available on all the major streaming platforms and the physical titles (DVD and Blu-Ray) that are available from Monday. This week is a mixture that covers everything from art house to horror with a stop for a duff thriller in the middle. Let’s see if you can guess which is which.

American Animals
Bart Layton writes and directs the crime drama starring Evan Peters, Barry Keoghan, Blake Jenner and Jared Abrahamson as a group of delusional young men who decide to plan and execute an audacious hesit. The four, all students at Transylvania University in Kentucky, hatch a plan to steal a rare and priceless edition of ‘The Birds of America’ collection by John James Audebon from their own college library. They come up with an elaborate plan to steal the books, which are only guarded by an elderly librarian, based on the knowledge gained from famous Hollwood heist movies. Available on both VOD and DVD.


The Nun (VOD & DVD)
Taissa Farmiga and Demián Bichir star in the spin-off to the 2016 horror movie The Conjuring 2. Set in 1952, the film follows Catholic priest Father Burke (Bichir) and young nun Sister Irene (Farmiga) as they are sent to investigate the mysterious death of a nun at the Cârta Monastery in Romania, at the behest of their masters at the Vatican. The place holds many secrets that start to reveal themselves to the two  as they learn the secrets of the monastery’s order and the part that the horrific figure of the nun plays in it. One thing we can guarantee is that this will not be the end of The Counjuring extended universe no matter what happens in the movie. Available on both VOD and DVD.


The Little Stranger
Domhnall Gleeson stars in the drama based on the novel by Sarah Waters. Dr. Faraday (Gleeson) finds himself called to Hundreds Hall, a vast and unsettling estate , to attend to a shell shocked world war one soldier. The unsettling manor house that he remembered from his chilhood is now in disrepair. As he treats the veteran he finds that the house holds secrets and they are starting to affect the family that lives there. He must find a rational explanation for what is going on before the surroundings start to affect his own sanity. Available on DVD


The 2018 film is an action drama starring Sylvester Stallone and Matthew Modine. A bank robbery goes awry after the actual event when the robbers are double crossed by their contacts. Mac (Modine) is the only survivor but sustains a brain injury resulting on severe memory loss. After seven years he is broken out of a secure psychaitric facility by people intent on recovering the missing heist money. Hot on their trail are the authorities led by a Police detective played by a very sun tanned Stallone.  Available on DVD.


2018 was a good year for Matteo Garrone, the director of Dogman. The film was a critical success which gained a number of award wins for actor Mrchello Fonte in the lead role.  The film follows dog groomer Marcello (Marcello Fonte) as he slowly slips into a life of crime. Dealing drugs in order to generate a bit of extra money, Marcello runs into Simone (Edoardo Pesce),a former boxer,  who convinces him to help rob the jeweller’s next door to Marcello’s grooming shop. Marcello is caught in the act and serves a year in prison. Upon his release he only has revenge on his mind. Out on DVD.


Noomi Rapace stars as Sam in an action thriller where she is takes on a a seemingly straighforward job protecting a young heiress. Her background is in counter terrorism so this seems like a bit of easy money for her.  When her and her ward barely escape from a brutal kidnapping attempt they are forced to go on the run. Sam is then forced to make life and death decisions in order to keep her and her charge alive. Close is out on Netflix from the 18th of January.


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