Home Entertainment Releases -21st January

Another strong week for home entertainment releases. The big release is Crazy Rich Asians which has been getting so much press for all the right reasons. Some have remarked that it is just a romantic comedy but it marks a new start for representation of different cultures in mainstream cinema and it is a funny and entertaining movie as well.

Crazy Rich Asians
Starring Constance Wu and Henry Golding, this romantic comedy based on the book of the same name was a smash hit during the summer of 2018. The couple travel to Singapore for a friend’s wedding and Rachel (Wu) finds out that Nick( Golding) is in fact from one of the richest families in Asia. His family has plans for him that don’t include marrying and American Asian. As well as being a terrific romantic comedy it is the first all Asian production to come out of Hollywood for over three decades. Available on VOD and DVD.

A Simple Favour
A comedy / thriller from director Paul Feig. It stars Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively in a story where Stephanie (Kendrick) becomes friends with the glam mom Emily (Lively) on to find that her buddy suddenly disappears. With no sign of her for days, Stephanie starts looking into Emily’s past to try to unravel the mystery. Available on VOD and DVD.


One Cut Of The Dead
Sometimes it just isn’t your day. An untalented director is in the process of filming a low budget Zombie film in an abandoned factory when art becomes real life and him and his crew find themselves fighting off a real plague of the undead. The film was made on a miniscule budget, with a cast of unknown actors and a total shooting schedule of only eight days. It has proven to be a hit on the festival circuit and now comes to home formats. Available on DVD.


The Children Act
Emma Thompson stars as a high court judge who deals with cases involving children. She is called upon to make a life or death decision regarding the administering of a blood transfusion to a seventeen year old Jehovah’s witness. The case proves to be complex and in the public eye. Putting her own feelings aside and trying to keep her personal life issues to one side she must do what she thinks is right for the child. Available on DVD.

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