Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark – Teasers

Not one, not two, but four teaser trailers for Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark premiered during the Superbowl at the weekend. Competing for attention against the Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel and Toy Story 4 teasers, the iconic children’s horror anthology seems to have made quite an impact.

Developed by lover of all things shocking and fantastical, Guillermo del Toro, the project has actually been directed by Trollhunter’s Andre Øvredal. Already, the striking imagery has struck a chord with horror fans on social media, who are impressed with the director’s faithfulness to the Stephen Gammell’s artwork.

When the three volumes of Scary Stories were first printed in the early 80s, the nightmarish, twisted and – quite frankly – terrifying illustrations were at the heart of much controversy, with the books regularly being banned whilst also acquiring a cult following.

Sunday night’s Superbowl marked the debut of four characters:

The Pale Lady

I mean, JFC. I am never sleeping again. The Pale Lady character appears in the dreams of a troubled artist, seemingly warning him of an impending nightmare.

Red Spot

Pimple poppers rejoice, this is the body horror for you. A typical teenage tale of acne woes is actually the source of something way more gross than plain old pus.

Jangly Man

Seemingly inspired by a Scary Stories tale about a man who dangles from a chimney, this lanky, creepy fuck is probably going to haunt my dreams.

Big Toe

Looking like a cross between Donald Trump’s old neck skin and something out of The Walking Dead, even if I could hide under my bed, it’s clearly not safe there.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is set to be released on August 9 by Lionsgate and CBS Films.

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