Satanic Panic – Trailer

Murder goes luxe in this horror romp produced by the top tome in terror, Fangoria. From the twisted mind of renowned author Grady Hendrix and a cast led by Rebecca Romijn, Jerry O’Connell and Ruby Modine, Satanic Panic is a delightfully camp peek into the dastardly vice of the 1%.

When Sam’s first day slinging pizza is a total wash-out, she goes against her colleague’s advice and takes one last delivery in the wealthy enclave out of town. Stiffed for a tip, she breaks into an imposing mansion to make them pay up. Unfortunately, she’s gate-crashed the local Satan-worshipping, demon-summoning coven’s virgin sacrifice gala! These society sorcerers are down a maiden and now Sam must take on murderous babysitters, blood-crazed soccer mums and more than her fair share of lustful demons if she’s going to survive the night.

Satanic Panic is out on DVD and Blu Ray on the 21st of October.

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