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Annie Hall

Annie hall 2If you ask someone to name a Woody Allen film the chances are that one of the top answers provided will be Annie Hall. In many ways it was the film that cemented his reputation with international film audiences. Hailed as a triumph at the time it was nominated and won four Oscars. it marked the start of Woody Allen’s superstar period where everything he worked on was praised and the box office returns made United Artists very happy. Continue reading “Annie Hall” »

Love and Death

Love and Death 2The fourth film of the Woody Allen collection is his take on the great Russian novels of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Into the usual mix of life, love and finding a local deli that will deliver we have a tale that takes the intricacies of pre revolutionary Russian society and one man’s journey through life leading to his ultimate demise. Continue reading “Love and Death” »

Star Trek: Generations

Star_Trek_Generations 1So the baton is passed from one crew to another. After six big screen adventures the original set of Starfleet officers from the USS Enterprise have retired and another generation of explorers are set to take over the ongoing quest. The move, making sense in terms of the age of the original cast, was the obvious thing to do. It still was a little risky. Sure the Next Generation was a worldwide television hit but would its small screen success translate to the cinemas. Continue reading “Star Trek: Generations” »

Star Trek IX: Insurrection

Enterprise-EInsurrection is the ninth film outing for the starship Enterprise and her crew. Following on from the critical success of the first ‘Next Generation’ film Star Trek: First Contact, once again Jonathan Frakes takes on the directing duties for a story penned by Star Trek stalwarts Michael Piller and Rick Berman. Continue reading “Star Trek IX: Insurrection” »

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

The_Final_Frontier 1It is perhaps inevitable that the ego can get in the way of common sense. Especially when you are talking about a Billion dollar franchise like Star Trek. Off the back of the successful trilogy of films spanning numbers two, three and four it didn’t come as a great surprise to see William Shatner using his leading man status to turn the new Star Trek film into a vanity project. Taking over the director duties from Leonard Nimoy was only part of it . Shatner also penned the story the film was based on and, as usual, assumed the leading role. In hindsight this may not have been the best course of action for Paramount Pictures to agree to. Continue reading “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier” »

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Star-Trek-The-Voyage-Home 1And so we reach the fourth cinematic installment of the ongoing mission of the crew of the star ship Enterprise. The voyage home, as with The Search for Spock before it, follows directly on from the previous film to form a loose trilogy. With all the major characters returning and Leonard Nimoy once again in the directors chair the film on the surface looked like an exciting continuation of the franchise. Would it be possible for lightning to strike in the same spot for a third time in a row? Continue reading “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home” »

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

search for spock 2There is always a difficulty in following up a  successful film. The expectation level is raised and nothing less than a perfect film will satisfy the fanboys. So with the success of The Wrath of Khan the team behind the Star trek franchise had a job on their hands. In an unexpected move the directors chair was filled by none other that Leonard Nimoy. Not such a surprise when his CV is perused. Nimoy had, up to that point, been able to create an active alternative career in directing for both the stage and screen.  The directing job was made a little easier in this case as he would not be in screen for most of the movie. Why? Because Spock was dead. Continue reading “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock” »

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

khan 1Three years after Star Trek : The Motion Picture  marked the release of the sequel, The Wrath of Khan. The first film was not deemed to be the commercial and critical success that Paramount Pictures had hoped for. On a budget of forty-six million dollars it took one hundred and thirty-nine million dollars worldwide, falling well short of expectations. Given its modest success (in Hollywood terms!) a sequel was approved with certain changes in place.

Continue reading “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” »

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

star trek2With the impending release of Star Trek Into Darkness, now would seem to be an opportune time to have look back at the previous films in the series. To date there have been eleven films in total covering the original crew, the next generation and the recent film reboot from the mind of JJ Abrams and Co. First up we go back to where it all started on the big screen for the franchise, Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  Continue reading “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” »


sleeper 1

By 1973 Woody Allen was a firm favourite with Cinema going audiences. Although not yet feted as a master by the critical community his films were highly successful at the box office. That’s not to say that he was simply pandering to the masses for financial gain. In retrospect you can see him developing his film making style over the course of these early comedies. Each new film showed that Allen was spending a great deal of time honing his craft. His Direction, writing skills and acting all improved over a hand full of very well received movies giving him the confidence to try new things and more importantly produce an interesting end product. When Sleeper was released it was seen as a new high in Allen’s career. Continue reading “Sleeper” »