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Night Of The Hunter

Returning to the big screen early next year in a newly restored print is the Robert Mitchum classic, The Night of the Hunter. The nineteen fifty-five movie was Charles Laughton’s only work in the capacity of director. The film was a critical and commercial failure at the time of release leading to Laughton vowing never to return to the directors chair. It has since been re-evaluated as a classic due to it memorable visuals and Robert Mitchum’s powerhouse performance as Powell the preacher with love and hate tattooed on his knuckles. Continue reading “Night Of The Hunter” »


sleeper 1

By 1973 Woody Allen was a firm favourite with Cinema going audiences. Although not yet feted as a master by the critical community his films were highly successful at the box office. That’s not to say that he was simply pandering to the masses for financial gain. In retrospect you can see him developing his film making style over the course of these early comedies. Each new film showed that Allen was spending a great deal of time honing his craft. His Direction, writing skills and acting all improved over a hand full of very well received movies giving him the confidence to try new things and more importantly produce an interesting end product. When Sleeper was released it was seen as a new high in Allen’s career. Continue reading “Sleeper” »