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Jersey Boys – First Trailer

“And then one day a tune popped into my head …” And if, like me, you bloody love a good musicals theses tunes will be in your head, on the tip of your tongue and on the end of your finger clicks for days to come.

Jersey Boys – the Broadway sensation charting the rise to fame of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons – is finally making it to the big screen. Directed by Clint Eastwood (and perhaps it’s important to note he is also a composer) the film follows the band from poor young men singing on street corners to matching-suited international stardom. With that comes personal tragedy, brushes with the law, and some of the most famously high pitched harmonies in music history.

John Lloyd Young takes the lead as Valli just as he did on Broadway, and with appearances from Christopher Walken and Boardwalk Empire regular Vincent Piazza, it’s shaping up to be as exhilarating as the much loved stage show.

Jersey Boys is on general release as of June 20th 2014.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Casting update

tmnt-castHot on the heels of the first trailer for the new TMNT movie comes some casting updates. Johnny Knoxville and Tony Shalhoub have been added s the voices of two of the major characters. Knoxville will provide the voice of Leonardo and Shalhoub will be on vocal duties for the character of Splinter.

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Shoot ‘Em Up!

shoot-em-up-clive-owenFilmmakers are always striving. Whether it is for authenticity, the ultimate laugh or the biggest heartache the films are usually curtailed by the need to keep it real. What if they did not need to? A film that takes it all the way and really sets out by saying F*** It! Let’s just see how far we can actually go with this. The logical genre for such a film is in action and adventure. One film that turns it up to eleven is the 2007 film Shoot ‘Em Up.

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300: Rise of an Empire

300_Rise_of_an_Empire_Eva_Green_PosterBack in 2006 I stumbled onto 300 in the cinema as a “nothing else on” choice. I had watched the trailers and had been generally underwhelmed. In the end I enjoyed both the visual style and the ‘over macho’ performances of all involved and so I was rather looking forward to seeing this year’s sequel.

Zack Snyder and Kurt Johnstad are back converting the original Frank Miller source to the big screen, but this time around Snyder passed the directing duties onto Noam Murro. I have never come across this gentleman’s name or work before, but he picked this movie over the terrible Die Hard 4, so he clearly has some smarts! Continue reading “300: Rise of an Empire” »

Batman Begins

Contains spoilers.

Batman-Begins-christian-bale-cliian-murphyReboot is a nice way of saying remake. Reimagining is pretending that your film isn’t a remake. It might be difficult to believe now but when it was announced that Warner Brothers would be resurrecting the Batman franchise, there was some opposition to the choice of director. Despite being an acclaimed filmmaker, Christopher Nolan was still relatively unknown to a mainstream audience. The cast was impressive however there were some niggling questions. Did we need an origin story for such a well known character? What the hell happened to the Batmobile and what’s this about Batman hardly featuring?

Fans of the Dark Knight will be familiar with why Bruce Wayne wears a mask. Batman Begins managed to keep this fresh by focusing on the “lost” years. Much like Jesus, what happened to Bruce Wayne between childhood and becoming an adult?

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Short Circuit


The basis of a good short film is getting all the elements right. The idea needs to be sound. It has to be simple enough to fit into a brief narrative, but it still has to engage with the audience. The script needs to be tight. With only a limited time available the story has to be brought to life. The execution is crucial. Usually the film will have a minuscule budget so creativity and imagination are hugely important. When done well the results are often better than a big budget, full length feature. A prime example of how to do well is the 2013 film Short Circuit.

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The Zero Theorem Featurette: The Director

As part of the publicity for the new Terry Gilliam film The Zero Theorem, there has been a series of featurettes released by Sony Pictures. The pick if the bunch is a short look at Gilliam, the brain behind the concept and execution of the film. It shows on little of ninety seconds just how much effort and imagination he puts in to the production on a daily basis. Continue reading “The Zero Theorem Featurette: The Director” »

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 final trailer

amazing-spider-man-2Ahead of its debut at the cinema next month, Sony Pictures have released the final trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The trailer provides a bit more in terms of plot details and snippets from the action scenes. From this and the previous trailers, it can be seen that Marc Webb and company have upped the stakes for the web slinger. Everything on show is bolder, faster and more action packed. Here’s hoping very much that the film isn’t spoiled too much by the desire of the trailer makers to get as many people talking about the film. Continue reading “The Amazing Spider-Man 2 final trailer” »

The Zero Theorem

The-Zero-Theorem-melanie-thierryFor the majority of film makers today the biggest obstacle to getting their projects made is money. It does not matter how good the story is and, in most cases, who is attached. It all comes down to support. It has become something of an art form in recent years for producers to obtain funding via any number of schemes and options. One film maker who has struggled with financing and to a lesser degree a lot of bad luck is Terry Gilliam. If you are sitting in a cinema and see the words ‘A Film By Terry Gilliam’ pop up, you know that there will be a back story of struggle and tenacity associated with the production. It gladdened the heart to see those words appear for his new film The Zero Theorem. Continue reading “The Zero Theorem” »

Noah: The Ark Featurette

noah-russell-croweAhead of the cinema release of the biblical epic Noah, Paramount Pictures have released a featurette going behind the scenes of the movie. The short video takes us for a look at how the look of the Ark was developed. It gives a fascinating insight into how the design of the big boat was developed on paper and ultimately realised on set.

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