There was a certain amount of scepticism when the remake of Poltergeist was announced. The original was a much loved horror film that crossed over (so to speak) into the mainstream. It was directed b...
Mad Max Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road

Whilst any film that opens with Tom Hardy shirtless, gagged and bound is easily the most appealing way to spend a Tuesday night, Mad Max: Fury Road isn’t just any film. It is, without doubt, on...

A New Trailer Lands for 2018: The Virus

We told you back in March about 2018: The Virus, a zombie film with a twist. Director Ash Wilding has forgone traditional methods for his low budget horror by creating the film using a Grand Theft Au...
Only Angels Have Wings (1939) 
Directed by Howard Hawks
Shown seated: Jean Arthur, Standing from left: Sig Ruman, Allyn Joslyn, Noah Beery Jr.,
Cary Grant

Only Angels Have Wings

Getting a cinema release for the first time in seventy six years is the Howard Hawks classic adventure film. Only Angels Have Wings. The film is classic in every sense of the word. It was one of the ...

Aloha – First Trailer

Coming soon is Aloha, the new film from the stylish and somewhat offbeat director Cameron Crowe. His first film for four years is a romantic drama with comedic touches starring Emma Stone, Bradley Co...
Anti-Social: firing blanks.


As if it wasn’t difficult enough for a low budget film to gain an audience on opening weekend the film Anti-Social was faced with another problem. Due to the pre-summer blockbusters starting to...

Irrational Man – First Trailer

Just released online is the first trailer for the new Woody Allen film, Irrational Man. The new film from the prolific director continues his streak of one new movie per calendar year and follows up ...

Love, Rosie

Making a romantic comedy can be a tricky proposition for film makers. There are certain conventions that audiences have come to expect and this tends to colour their attitude and support of a new fil...
Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow

The Black Widow Movie according to SNL

For their latest foray into the world of cinema ,the US TV show Saturday Night Live has produced another send up of Marvel Cinematic Universe. This time the target is Marvel itself as SNL poses the q...