Hotel Transylvania 2 Lacks Deep Bite

Adam Sandler has become something of a punching bag for movie critics. Although his films generally receive negative reviews there is no denying his box office appeal. In 2012 he lent his voice to an...

Captain America: Civil War

This is the one I have been waiting for. The first trailer for the forthcoming Marvel movie Captain America: Civil War has just been released and it is everything that you could possibly hope for.

Testament Of Youth

Based on the seminal anti-war autobiography of the same name by Vera Britten, Testament Of Youth was released at a very opportune moment. The first world war was in everyone’s mind and was regu...

Fall Of The Krays – Trailer

The first trailer for Fall Of The Krays has just been released. The film is the follow up to The Rise Of The Krays released earlier in 2015. it picks up the action at the end of the first movie which...

Wings Of Desire: BFI Love Festival

A major event as part of the BFI Love Festival there was a screening a screening of the classic German romance Wings Of Desire at several UK cinemas. The lead screening was held at the Paisley Abbey....

Lambert And Stamp

The Who was one of the biggest bands of the sixties and the seventies. They were known for their song craft and their volatile stage performances. What wasn’t as widely known was the work that ...

Fury: The Tales Of Ronan Pierce

It seems like there is a trend growing on the back of a certain type of retro film. In the eighties, there was a swath of straight to DVD films that were cheaply made and focused on the seedier side ...

Pay The Ghost

You have to feel for Nicolas Cage fans. He is an actor who is immensely talented and watchable. The only problem is that you never know just what the movie will be like. No two films ever have consis...

The London Firm

The publicity for some films doesn’t really give the film a chance. To look at the poster for The London Firm (on the left), you are presented with an image that supposedly says something about...