A Rose Reborn

This is one that completely passed me by. I am a big fan of Park Chan-Wook and I rated Stoker as my favourite film of 2013. It was only recently I came across the short film, A Rose Reborn that was h...


This movie was a real surprise to me. With all the remakes and reboots that fill up the multiplexes it is easy to become cynical when another beloved property returns to the screen. The Vacation seri...
The Martian Matt Damon

The Martian – Second Trailer

The second trailer for the forthcoming Matt Damon film, The Martian, has just been released. Astronaut Mark Watney is alone. His crew has left him behind on Mars after he was lost in a storm and pres...

Beyond The Reach

The return of Michael Douglas continues. After his Emmy winning performance as Liberace in Behind The Candelabra he has taken on a number of major acting roles. This year we have already seen him as ...


Al Pacino appears to be taking a lot more care with the roles he is taking on these days. As well as being age appropriate he is also pushing himself a bit more. The recent film Danny Collins is a go...

Attack on Titan – Trailer

Coming soon to a cinema probably nowhere near you is the first of a two movie adaption of the popular manga & anime Attack on Titan. The film is set in a world where humanity now resides behind a...

Trainwreck Doesn’t Derail

Judd Apatow can be viewed as the George Lucas of comedy. He has directed highly lucrative movies, however it could be argued that his best efforts have come when he is on producing and writing duties...

Pixels – Short Film

With the forthcoming UK cinema release of Pixels this week it is an opportune moment to look back at the 2010 short film that inspired the feature. The inventive short was directed by Patrick Jean. 

The Cobbler

Recently Adam Sandler has been taking a bit if a kicking from the critics with regard to his recent output. His next UK release, Pixels (already out in the US) has been mauled and the usually critic ...

Age Of The Dead

A lot of low budget movies that are made today come from short films. Shorts can be regarded as a stepping stone for young film makers, giving them the chance to practice their art in a relatively au...