That Demon Within

Dante Lam’s 2014 That Demon Within made its way to the 2016 Glasgow Film Festival. A gripping crime thriller that pulls no punches in its violent shoot outs and duplicitous protagonist.
land of mine glasgow film festival 2016

Land of Mine

The horrors of World War II didn’t end with Germany’s surrender. For all that has been documented of this time there are many stories relatively unknown, including a horrifying practice b...

The Road To Civil War: Marvel Renaissance

To see the behemoth that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become it is almost inconceivable that this was the same company that was in so much financial trouble in the late 1980s and the early 1990s...

The Club

The subject of abuse of children at the hands of catholic priests is again in the public consciousness as the Oscar contender Spotlight is getting a lot of publicity. This expose that formed the basi...
libeled lady-2

Libeled Lady

William Powell and Myrna Loy had a long and fruitful screen partnership together that spanned two decades and 14 successful movies including the very popular Thin Man series. As part of the dream tea...

Hail, Caesar!

Opening the 2016 Glasgow film festival is the latest comedy from the Coen brothers. The film sees the lauded film makers return to a more comedic story after a good few years of straight up drama. Th...

Goodnight Mommy

Goodnight Mommy is a film that totally caught me off guard. I did not know anything about it beforehand, which was a bonus. As I’ve noted before that there is far more to enjoy in a film when t...


Winter is bleak. The film that is. It is an unapologetic look at the effects of loss of a family and the way that depression can take hold at any time. This may make it sound bleak and uninviting but...

I Am Belfast

Mark Cousins is something of a figurehead in contemporary film criticism. He is an insightful interviewer and commentator on all things related to film. The Story Of Film, is an exhaustive look at th...

How To Win Enemies

Showing at the is year’s Glasgow Film Festival as part of the South American strand is the movie How To Win Enemies. It is a delightful mix of comedy, mystery and deception. The film reinforces...