Bridge of Spies

Bridge of Spies – First Trailer

Tom Hanks rarely makes a bad film – I’m pretending The Da Vinci Code didn’t happen – and Bridge of Spies seems to continue this run of intense, thought-provoking performances....

Danny Collins

Recently Al Pacino brought his one man show to the U.K. According to reports it was very much like going to a rock concert. When he stepped on stage he received a standing ovation for five minutes, b...
The raptors retrieved their two stolen eggs and then retreated.

Jurassic Park 3

With the imminent arrival this week of Jurassic World, we continue our look back and cast a critical eye over the third entry in the series, the snappily titled Jurassic Park 3.

Jurassic Park: The Lost World

When Michael Crichton wrote Jurassic Park there was no way he could have known that the film his book spawned would be so groundbreaking in the way CGI was used that it upped the bar for every major ...

The Martian – Viral Trailer

Hot on the heels of the initial images from the new Ridley Scott film, The Martian, we start to get some of the marketing in the form of a viral trailer. This takes the form of a video diary which in...

Coming Attractions

Experimental cinema by its very nature pushes forward the way we view and interact with films. Techniques and ideas developed by artists and pioneers have resulted in some of the aspects of modern ci...

Far from the Madding Crowd

In Dorset, South of England in 1870 Gabriel Oak comes across a sight that will change the course of his life: the wildly beautiful Bathsheba Everdene laying on her back astride a horse. The lives of ...

San Andreas

Disaster Movies as a genre never seem to fully go out of favour and each year we get one or two new ones to add to the mix. In recent years we have mainly been supplied with alien invasion scenarios ...

Stray Dogs

Stray Dogs, the new film from Taiwanese director Ming-Liang Tsai,  is a film that builds a case for the cinematic experience. Certain films are best served by your full attention without the distract...
The Martian Matt Damon

The Martian – First Images Released

I still haven’t forgiven Ridley Scott for Prometheus, but the first images from The Martian, along with more detailed information about the cast list and plot, have actually really intrigued me...