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flight-movie-denzel-washington-pilotIt is curious to see a film advertised as one thing and then turn out to be another. The trailer for Flight emphasises the initial airline accident over the human drama that plays out after it. It would seem from the outside that the film would be split about evenly between the two parts of the film. This is not true with the split being more 70:30 in favour of the drama. For a weak film, this can kill it stone dead at the box office with word of mouth spreading the bad news. Flight on the other hand stands up despite the shoddy marketing. Continue reading “Flight” »

My Father’s Son

my fathers son 1Legacy. For some it is an important concept. It is what they will leave behind after they depart. For them a part of their spirit will live on in their off spring. When talking about it in those terms you only tend to look on the positive side, emphasising the good points that you hope are passed on to the next generation. What if the legacy was the other side of the coin? Would you wish that on anyone? The short film My Father’s Son looks at that very aspect. Do the sins of the father revisit the son? Continue reading “My Father’s Son” »

Margin Call

With the financial world still in turmoil since the financial crash of 2008 a film comes along which explores the origins of the crisis and how, within a fictional environment, very real issues and consequences are explored.

Margin Call focuses on a twenty four hour period that leads up to the collapse of an un-named investment bank in 2008. It begins near the end of a working day on the trading floor. Several serious people arrive and start to escort members ofstaff  away. They are being made redundant. A risk manager who is among the fallen passes off a file to a junior risk analyst asking that the task he was addressing be completed. He departs with the words “Be careful”. Intrigued by these parting words the analyst goes to work on the info and discovers that the firm is in deep trouble and on the brink of bankruptcy. Flagging this up to his boss sets off a chain of events that lead to decisions that will affect not only the bank but the whole of the financial sector.

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Dark Horse

darkhorseThe rise in prominence of the man-child, the stay at home adult, is more common now than at any time in the recent past. Circumstances in these financially constrained times mean that adult children who are unwilling or unable to leave the family home are creating a new dynamic that can become uncomfortable for all. Frictions and tensions can become common place as the aging parents expecting some freedom from child care responsibilities see the dreams for their autumnal years shattered. The 2012 film Dark Horse from cult director Tod Solondz centres on a kidult and the problems he faces while trying to connect and build a relationship with a similar woman. Continue reading “Dark Horse” »


When a film is advertised as a horror comedy it really has to live up to its billing. Especially if it is a low-budget film. It has to have everything in place otherwise the viewer will start to pick holes in the film from the start and never engage with the film. Knowing nothing about Chop prior to viewing it I had no expectations . I even avoided IMDB so I would not be prejudiced by other reviews. So does Chop cut it as a horror and / or a comedy? Continue reading “Chop” »

Cockneys Vs Zombies

Often in low budget or waning film franchise the mash-up is used to try to expand the potential viewer base. This is especially true of the horror genre. In the past we have been subjected to any number of low budget titles like Crocosaurus Vs Megashark and Zombies Vs Strippers. More high profile fare has included entries in both the Alien and Friday the 13th franchises. A mash-up tends to be a sign that there is a lack of inspiration to move a project forward or that money is a constraint for the film makers. Into the fray comes the 2012 film that brings together everyone’s favourite undead, Zombies with the Pride of the East end in the movie Cockneys Vs Zombies. Continue reading “Cockneys Vs Zombies” »

The Cabin in the Woods

The reason we review movies is that we want to share our love of the medium with as many people as possible. We want people to watch and enjoy films. What we do want is to spoil films. There is an unwritten policy for moviescramble regarding spoilers. If we produce an opinion piece and it contains plot elements and spoilers the article’s title will indicate this. For standard reviews we tend to discuss the plot in broad strokes so as to give a flavour of the film without ruining the piece. A general rule of thumb for most reviewers is that if it is in the trailer then it can be commented on. Why, you are probably asking yourself, are we stating this? The reason is simple. We are trying to discuss The Cabin in the Woods. Continue reading “The Cabin in the Woods” »

Mission to Lars

Mission to LarsMeet Englishman Tom Spicer. He suffers from Fragile X Syndrome, a form of autism. He has one dream in life. To meet his hero Lars Ulrich, the drummer of the biggest heavy metal band on the planet. Can his siblings make Tom’s dream come true and unite him with his idol? Well, it’s not going to be easy.

Kate Spicer is Tom’s sister and a journalist. She feels that she can make use of her contacts to ensure Tom’s dream is fulfilled. Their brother Will is a filmmaker and decides to document the journey and Mission to Lars is born. It’s not going to be easy though as the Spicer’s are in England while Metallica are touring the US. Plus there’s the subject of Tom’s condition.

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dredd 2I may as well front up. I am a Judge Dredd fan. I grew up with 2000 AD and many of its stories still rank highly among my favorites. Top of the list are the tales of Dredd and his world. I was one of the fans hotly anticipating the Sly Stallone version of the great lawman. What wasn’t to like? Sly had the presence, was a big star and had a suitable chin for the role. A sure winner. Except the movie not only sucked it also swallowed. Sly was dreadful, the story was god awful and don’t even remind me of have Dredd without his helmet. For a long time Dredd in the movies was poison. So when a film revival of the character was announced it didn’t exactly give me a nice warm glow. Expectations were definitely lowered for this one. Continue reading “Dredd” »

Zero Dark Thirty

zero dark thirty 1There are few things that will generate more discussion and debate than a film that makes the American nation look bad. The flag wavers immediately start to mobilse in defense of their ideals and principles. The moderates start to debate the issues and are shouted down while appealing for unity and understanding. All the time the film gains a reputation, a bit of notoriety, and box office taking rise as people want to judge the film for themselves. One of the last films to do this was Zero Dark Thirty from Academy Award winning director Kathryn Bigelow.

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