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Origin Of A Horror Icon – Part 2: Michael Myers *Contains Spoilers*

Many fans felt that Jason Goes to Hell scored an own goal by barely featuring Jason in it. At least Jason was still the killer though, even if he was unrecognisable and missing his trademark hockey mask for most of the film.

Halloween III: The Season of the Witch went one step further. They removed Michael Myers as the killer and included something about killer masks that may have proven to be a good film if anyone bothered to watch it.

This wasn’t a decision made by the studio, instead it was the wish of John Carpenter himself. He didn’t want a slew of Michael Myers films, and only agreed Continue reading “Origin Of A Horror Icon – Part 2: Michael Myers *Contains Spoilers*” »

Health Warning… Star Trek into Darkness… 3 Days to Go…

Bad3DSomeone round here got very lucky and managed to get an invite to a preview screening of Star Trek into Darkness. A review will follow soon but I wanted to issue a warning to all our Moviescramble readers.


Seriously! The Post-conversion to 3D is eye-jarring and headache inducing.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Resident Evil: Retribution 3D (2012)

In 1997, Constantin Films acquired the rights of the Resident Evil series with the intention of producing a live action film. A couple of years later they hired George A. Romero (yes the George A. Romero) to pen a script. Anyone familiar with both Romero and the original video game would have been creaming at this news. It was too good to be true. And it was, unfortunately. Paul W.S. Anderson was also hired to write a script, with the studio favouring his offering. On paper the idea seemed like suicide however it turned out to be the most successful film series based on a video game, raking in $876 million USD with a combined budget of $284 million. So he must be doing something right as the fifth film is currently in cinemas with a sixth already in the pipeline.
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