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Kill List

Moviescramble reviews the 2011 psychological horror film Kill List.

A film that divided critics last year was kill List. Some such as Mark Kermode had it in his top ten of the year while others totally trashed the film, calling it dreadful. It seems there is no middle ground for this one. Having avoided trailers for this I was totally in the dark. In this case it was a good thing, up to a point.

The film starts in a domestic setting with a couple having an argument while their child is in the background. The husband, Sam (Harry Simpson), has not worked for over eight months and it seems that he has spent most of this time in or around his house. Tensions are high and moods swing from quiet and peace to blazing rows. Into this comes Jay (Neil Maskell), a friend and colleague of Sam’s. He and his date have arrived to have dinner with Sam and his wife. It unfolds that Sam and Jay are ex soldiers who now work together as contract killers. A previous job has left Sam in the state he is now. There is an offer of a job for both of them. A small number of contract killings. A kill list. Reluctantly Sam agrees to take the job on the condition that this is the last one. The two men meet with the client and from there the film descends into madness,  horror and violence. Continue reading “Kill List” »