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True Romance

“You’re so cool, you’re so cool, you’re so cool.”

true-romance-1Three simple words, uttered at the end of this film that sums up the whole movie.  The characters, the performances, the unrequited love between the two protagonists, it is oh so very cool. True Romance was written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Tony Scott.  So what we have is a hybrid of infectious dialogue, remarkable characters and dark comedic moments common to a Tarantino movie but without his trademark nonlinear structure and the homages and references to other movies are toned down a great deal. Simply put, True Romance is a love story.  When you strip away the gratuitous violence, gangsters, pimps, drug busts and pushy cops then what you are left with are two people in love, doing their best to overcome the many obstacles blocking their way to beginning the life they want. Continue reading “True Romance” »

World War Z sequel has a director

juan antonio bayona 1Paramount Pictures have announced that a director is attached to the proposed sequel to the 2013 Zombie movie World War Z. The man in charge will be Juan Antonio Bayona best known for his work on The Orphanage and more recently the Tsunami family drama movie The ImpossibleContinue reading “World War Z sequel has a director” »

The Counselor

It’s a massive change in direction for director Ridley Scott, but not wholly unexpected,  moving from the fan dividing space saga Prometheus to the very earthbound drama The Counselor. The film tells the tale of a Lawyer (Michael Fassbender) as he gets in way over his head as he becomes involved in drug trafficking. Starring alongside we have a stellar cast including Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, Cameron Diaz and one of moviescramble’s favourites Penelope Cruz. Continue reading “The Counselor” »

World War Z

WWZ George Sq on a Saturday AfternoonI got bored with Max Brooks’ novel of World War Z and didn’t finish it. When it was suggested by a friend that we go see the film, I didn’t want to. In the end pressure won out.

The film stars Brad Pitt as the central character who in a re-imagining of the book flies around the world trying to find both the source of a “zombie” outbreak, and how to cure / survive / stop the contagion.

A few things should be noted here. The first is that these “zombies” are quick. They run, and they run fast. This is not your stereotypical plod, plod, shuffle, shuffle-fest. Oh no, they run and they will catch you up. It is strange then that when the chase scenes take place they are not “on the edge of your seat” nail-biting affairs. Somehow the plodding and suddenness of attack wins out in other films of the genre. Continue reading “World War Z” »


It’s all in the stats

Moviescramble takes a swing at the 2011 award baiting drama Moneyball.

I must admit that I do not known very much about Baseball. I know the basics of the game but the intricacies, the stats and the language of the game are a bit of a mystery to me. So my approach to the baseball movie Moneyball was based on anecdotal information obtained mainly from US TV and previous baseball movies. The concern was that my lack of background knowledge would be a hindrance to my enjoyment of the film. Thankfully not.

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