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With the ending of the Starz series Spartacus there is a gap in the market for an Ancient Roman era sword and sandals drama. Hoping to fill this void next year are two major cinema epics. The first 300: Rise of an Empire is out in March and has been previewed here. The other more recently announced film is the recreation of the natural disaster that was Pompeii. Continue reading “Pompeii” »

Red Planet

In the next thirty years mankind will face its biggest challenge. Population will spiral out of control, resources will begin to dwindle and pollution will start to kill the Earth. How will we react? In Red Planet the answer will be to look to the skies and plan to colonise Mars. The story opens with theses thoughts. The answer is provided by trying to terraform Mars. Probes have been getting sent to Mars for a number of years. They contain algae that will thrive and produce Oxygen, thus enabling human life to be sustained. All is going well until the O2 levels start to drop unexpectedly.  A team is hastily pulled together and ship is prepared to investigate the issue on Mars. The team is a mixture of scientists and pilots. Unusually there is no overt human military presence in the crew. There is however a military style robot capable of a large variety of operations including combat. All goes well until they reach the planet. Continue reading “Red Planet” »