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Moviescramble reviews the 2011 straight to DVD release Transit.

Sometimes movies do not get the general release that they deserve. A lot of factors can decide whether it makes it to the big screen. Considering some of the stuff that makes it to the multiplex it usually not a good sign when a movie is given a DVD and Blu Ray premiere. So does Transit live down to expectations?

 A team of crooks carry out an armoured car heist. It goes awry with one of the guards getting killed before the crooks make good their escape with a large bag of cash. Their plan is to get to a boat docked an inconvenient distance away and sail off to enjoy their loot. The local police react very quickly closing down the roads and searching every car for the suspects. The crooks hatch a plan to get the money through the check by hiding it on the roof rack of a family car going on vacation. Both the family and the crooks make it through the Police check. Now the crooks have to try to get their money back. The family is on a vacation to try to get everyone reconnected. The father has recently been released from prison after being convicted of real estate fraud. This is his last chance to try to win back his wife and two boys. The crooks are after the money and will stop at nothing short of murder to get their stuff back.

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