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The LEGO movie

In quite possibly the best piece of cross promotion ever we have the first trailer for the forthcoming LEGO movie. There is no denying that the film will appeal to basically every demographic given the universal appeal of the little plastic bricks. In all the previous LEGO non toy products there has been a keen and sharp sense of humour. The various franchise games released over the last few years bear this out with the Star Wars games being a personal favourite. Continue reading “The LEGO movie” »

Man on a Ledge

man on a ledge 4The caper film is a well established genre with some notable and entertaining entries released in the recent past. The success of the Oceans trilogy (well eleven and thirteen at least) is a good example of films, if done well, show there is still some mileage in the Genre. Of course if the subject is tackled carelessly and with little respect for the audience the finished product ends up like Oceans 12. The latest film in this genre is the 2012 film Man on a Ledge from director Asger Leth and writer Pablo F. Fenjves. Continue reading “Man on a Ledge” »

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Poster24 children thrown together and expected to murder each other for the overall benefit of society. I’m thinking this sounds like a fairly good real world solution, never mind in movie-land. Alas, as it wouldn’t work in real life, it doesn’t really work in the cinema either. Adapted from the popular series of novels, The Hunger Games takes place in an unspecified time in the future where America no longer exists and is replaced by Panem, a series of 12 districts and the controlling upper class.

As punishment for the revolt of a now destroyed 13th district, every year a male and female tribute are selected by lottery from each district to take part in the titular Hunger Games, a gladiatorial fight to the death televised for the world to see. When her younger sisters name is pulled from the lottery, Katniss Everdeen steps in to volunteer in her stead and along with bakers boy Peeta Mellark begin their journey to the opulent capitol city and start their training under the tutelage of Woody Harrelson’s drunken mentor, himself a survivor of the games. Continue reading “The Hunger Games” »