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The Wes Anderson Collection Part 3

With the third of the video essays we come to the two thousand and one film The Royal Tenenbaums. A tale of a dysfunctional family of child prodigies who are brought together by their terminally ill father who is trying to make amends for the past. Laughing yet? This is one of these films that divided audience since its initial release. In a lot of ways it is the logical progression from Rushmore but it has an added layer of darkness to it.  Continue reading “The Wes Anderson Collection Part 3” »

The Conversation

Moviescramble takes a look at the 1974 Francis Ford Coppola surveillance drama  The Conversation.

Sandwiched in between two classics of modern cinema is not a place that any movie would want to be. Alas that is the place that The Conversation finds itself. Released two years after The Godfather and in the same year as The Godfather part 2, the conversation was understandably not afforded the same attention as its illustrious brothers. This a real pity as The Conversation has stood the test of time and in some circles it has become as regarded as Mr Coppola’s other works.    In some circles this film is more highly regarded. It has certainly stood the test of time critically with an 8.0 rating on IMDB.  Continue reading “The Conversation” »