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The Magnificent Showman

As part of our Second Chance Cinema strand we look at the 1964 film The Magnificent Showman.

There came a period in John Wayne’s career where he stopped playing the part as presented in the script and started playing the version of John Wayne that the public wanted to see. In the Sixties after an incredible run of top westerns and war films, under the direction of some of Hollywood’s directors, The Duke started appearing in more comedy themed roles and much less of the drama roles he made his name with. As the star he held¬†enormous sway in the product his name was attached to. This did not always lead to the best of decisions and some times the end product was wanting. Right in the middle of this period came the circus drama The Magnificent Showman(also known as Circus World).

John Wayne plays Matt Masters, the owner of a wild west themed Circus set at the start of the twentieth century. The season has come to a succesful conclusion and Matt decides to take the circus on a tour of Europe against the advice of those closest to him. These tours never come off well and are fraught with difficulty for all involved. Frequently it ‘s the graveyard of US circuses. This is not a deterrent for Matt in the slightest. Continue reading “The Magnificent Showman” »