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Moviescramble reviews the 2012 cop drama Rampart

Before viewing this film I had no idea what the title referred to. I had to do a bit of digging to find something about it. Rampart refers to a division of the LAPD.  There was a scandal in the late 1990′s where more than seventy police officers were involved in widespread corruption. This film is set in the aftermath of the scandal where the main character Dave Brown, played by Woody Harrelson, is the last of the renegade cops still on the force.

Dave Brown is a relic from a bygone era of the LAPD. To all, including his family he is known as Date rape Dave as he shot and killed a Serial date rape suspect. The film starts with Dave mentoring a new officer, taking them through the daily routine and what is expected of the Police in Rampart. We then move on to his family life. This is as complex as his work life. Over the years he has been married twice and has two daughters. They all live together in commune style with Dave moving from one ex wife to the other making advances for a bit of bedroom action, usually to no avail. What he does not get at home he seeks out in the local bars and clubs. This is what his life amounts to. Work followed by an unorthodox home life, drinking, drugs, smoking and casual sex. Into this mix a charge is raised against him for a beating on a driver who crashes into his police car then flees the scene. The beating is caught on camera by a bystander and passed to all the local television stations. Cop beats citizen is always big news, especially in rampart so Dave is hauled up in front of his superiors and threatened with charges being raised against him. Dave being a very eloquent and knowledgeable man, having studied law in the past, is able to talk his way out of suspension. Further problems arise from ongoing money issues leading Dave to get involved with ripping off a high roller card game. This goes slightly awry leading to further complications and Dave’s professional and private life threatens to spiral out of control. Continue reading “Rampart” »