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OSS117: Lost in Rio

The names De La Bath, Hubert De La Bath.

In the first of the occasional series under the banner of Second Chance Cinema Moviescramble has a look at the 2009 French film OSS117: Lost in Rio.

From the same director and star of The Artist came two spy caper movies. These were based on the OSS117 character created in 1949 by French writer Jean Bruce. Over two hundred novels and seven films were produced. It is from this rich source the two parody films emerged. The first one made in 2006 was OSS117: Cairo, nest of spies. Its follow-up three years later is the film OSS117: Lost in Rio. Outside of France the film received a limited cinematic release and as a consequence it is not as well known as it deserves to be.

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The Artist

I first heard about The Artist in 2011.  As an avid listener to Jason Solomons on the Film Weekly podcast from the Guardian, I heard a glowing review of the film as it premiered at the Cannes film festival.  Both Jason and his fellow Journalist Xan Brookes discussed the film at length and heaped praise on it. Usually that is a sign of a film that will interest me as I have sought out films in the past on their recommendation. Since then the buzz around the film has grown. The distribution rights to the film were picked up by the mighty Weinstein group, putting the film in the international spotlight with the inevitable awards buzz. Now here we are in 2012, the film has been given a UK cinema release and has just won three Golden Globes for best Musical/Comedy, best actor and best original score.

So is the hype surrounding this film justified ? I think you will find that it is.

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