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Inside Llewyn Davis trailer

Getting a release just in time for serious award consideration is the new film from the Coen Brothers.  The film has been around for what seems like an age. It was premiered at Cannes in May and has been touring the festival circuit, picking up positive reviews, ever since. Continue reading “Inside Llewyn Davis trailer” »

Friends With Benefits

Does sex get in the way of a good friendship?

This film has a look at that question and tries to answer it in it’s own way. It is an anti romantic comedy, romantic comedy if you see what I mean. The tale is a simple one. It has been told many times before. In this case Dylan (Justin Timberlake) is a website art director living and working in Los Angeles. He is head hunted by Jamie (Mila Kunis) for a client, GQ magazine. After accepting the job Dylan moves to New York and develops a friendship with Jamie. Over drinks one night they ponder if friends can have sex with each other and still remain as friends. Basically a no strings, no emotions physical relationship. Neither of them want  a romance as they are both damaged after previous failed relationships detailed at the start of the film. They try their theory as a one-off, feel awkward about it afterwords but soon start to make it a regular occurrence. Everything is going well but as it is with this type of film a reality check is just around the corner. Continue reading “Friends With Benefits” »